Welcome to Notting Hill College
The Premier Provider of Diversified Learning Opportunities

Notting Hill College is a British Institution that specializes in further education and vocational training. The College provides high quality education and training programmes to individuals and employers as well as profitable opportunities for business seekers through its diversified brands, School of Business, School of Heath Sciences,School of Teacher Training, Mini-MBA, Think English, Testing Center and LANGO LAND.

NHC Operational Office in the UAE aims at ensuring that a large number of students, employer and partners in different regions over the globe have better opportunities of response to their needs and problems by way of easier access. The College has recently entered a partnership with Eton University a private, comprehensive university founded to provide education for individuals worldwide through distance and campus-based learning. This partnership has entitled Notting Hill College to offer joint higher degree programmes and to issue cobranded credentials. Due to our rigorous updates and innovations; NHC has attracted ambitious students to join its programmes and has thrived the teaching and learning community. Our quality-driven approach has given us a global outlook and has placed NHC at the forefront of continuous education.

Our Mission

Notting Hill College is committed to excellence in teaching and a genuine care for the welfare of our students , corporate clients and partners. We aim at developing our students’ potential and empowering them to move forward in their careers by assisting them in gaining the maximum qualifications they are capable of achieving. We support our corporate clients to gain the maximum impact of their training budget. Equally, we assist our partners gain the maximum profitability of their businesses through our guidance and ultimate support.







Phd in Education Fall 2013
Starting date – 5th October 2013

Master of Public Health Fall 2013
Starting date – 5th October 2013

MBA Fall 2013
Starting date – 12th October 2013

BSBA Registration deadline
Until 30th October 2013

Diploma in Health Administration Fall 2013
Starting Date – 19th October 2013

Mini MBA – Assisted Training
Open Registration

Diploma in Educational Leadership & Management
Assisted Learning-Open Registration

Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety-Open Registration

The Art of Wearing Makup-Workship-6th November 2013